Andrea Galeotti

I am a Professor at London Business School

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  • This is a new paper that talks about the value for internet companies of the information that they can gather about the taste for products of their users. Check out the paper here: Market segmentation through information.
  • How can network theory help competition authorities? Check out a new paper prepared for Oxford Review of Economic Policy: The role of networks in antitrust investigations.
  • We have a revised version of an interesting project Targeting interventions in networks. This paper characterises how to optimally design targeting strategies when interconnected agents influence each others’ behaviour. The objective is to maximise aggregate utilities. If you wish to see how the optimal targeting intervention looks like (who are the agents targeted the most) and if you are curious to see when targeting improve performances the most (relative to a uniform strategy), then you should click  here (thanks to Jorg Kalbfuss for preparing this). This link directs you to a simulation app. The parameter ß is the strength of influence (positive when ß>0 and negative when ß<0), N is the number of nodes and the parameter p is the probability that two nodes have a connection (Erdos and Renyi random graph); finally B is the budget of the external agent intervening. The targeting multiplier is the ratio of aggregate welfare obtained under the optimal targeting strategy and the aggregate welfare obtained under the optimal uniform strategy. The network depicted illustrates the shape of the intervention: a) the size of a node is proportional to the size of the intervention on that node; b) a blue node represents an intervention that increases the node’s action, whereas a red node represents an intervention that discourages the node’s action.


  • Check out a revised version of the paper The market for online influence. This paper is co-authored with Itay Fainmesser. This trailer summarizes the topic and some insights of the paper. These two articles discuss the paper:

Les influenceurs courent à leur perte selon le modèle mathématique d’un économiste 

Advertising regulations harm social media influencers, followers, and marketers alike

  • I have been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for a project, Oligopoly Markets and Networks, starting June 2017 and ending May 2022. This follows my previous ERC Starting Grant, awarded for the project Networks, Markets and Organizations (October 2011–September 2016).