Andrea Galeotti

I am a Professor at London Business School. Please click here to access my Google scholar citations.

This is my CV 

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What I am working on now ?

In the last few years I started to work on several new ideas. Some of these ideas are now working-papers, others work in progress and others are part of an ERC advanced grant which I have submitted this year. Click here to check this out.

The overall idea of what I am working on is to understand empirically and theoretically the effects that interventions mediating social and economic interactions have on socio and economic outcomes. Once you think about interventions that mediate social and economic interactions you can create a simple taxonomy. One type of interventions change the individual characteristics of the agents interacting in a network. For example, in a social media, I can target news to individuals and this may affect the opinion of the targeted individuals. Such a change may then propagate to others via social interaction. I think about these interventions as peer-interventions. Another type of interventions are those that change “who interact with whom”. In a social media, the platform owner can change the likelihood that a user with specific characteristics observes the information posted by another user with certain characteristics. In a digital marketplace, the platform can affect which offers a buyer observes that have been posted by the sellers. That is, the platform affects the buyers-sellers network. 

The ability of institutions/organisations to mediate interactions is not a new one. But, to the best of my knowledge, there is neither a systematic theoretical study on the effect of such interventions, nor a broad empirical understanding of the implications of these interventions. By exploring this topic further I hope I can provide some suggestion to policy makers on how to construct such interventions to improve outcomes, and how to regulate such interventions when they may be used by third parties to create distortions in markets or inefficiencies in society.

Please click here to see my research linked to my ERC Consolidator grant (which ended in May 2022): Oligopoly Markets and Networks, starting June 2017 and ending May 2022.

Please click here to see my research linked to my past ERC Starting grant awarded for the project Networks, Markets and Organizations (October 2011–September 2016).

Yann Bramoulle, Brian Rogers and I have co-edited the Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Networks. See a survey in Journal of Economic Literature from Bryony Reich (Northwestern University).