Work In Progress

Draft available

2018. The market for influence, with I. Fainmesser.

2019. Targeting interventions in networks (first version 2017),  B. Golub and S. Goyal. Resubmitted to Econometrica.

2017 Pricing Network Effects: Competition, with I. Fainmesser. Resubmitted to American Economic Journal: Microeconomics.

2017 Financial linkages and portfolio choice, with C. Ghiglino and S. Goyal. R&R Journal of Economic Theory.

Draft available soon (hopefully!)

2017 Resale mechanisms on networks, with D. Condorelli and L. Renou.

2017 Pigouvian intervention in supply chains, with B. Golub, S. Goyal, E. Talamas, O. Tamuz.

2017 Risk sharing, risk taking and liquidity, with C. Ghiglino and S. Zhang.